1. Strategic Plan-

Dr. J. J. Magdum College of Engineering has a formally stated quality policy. The institute continually enhance performance of the institute through:

  • Vision, mission and goal settings for overall development of the institute,
  • Academic performances upgradations,
  • Introduction of additional programs/courses,
  • Opting gradations like, permanent affiliation, NBA, NAAC and ISO etc.
  • Higher placements and MoUs amongst and outsides.
  • Researches
  • Staff welfare
  1. Strategic plan- members of group

Institute form group of following members for strategic plan:

  • Principal
  • IQAC Coordinator
  • Head of Department 
  •             HOD Civil Engineering Department
  •             HOD Mechanical Engineering Department
  •             HOD Electronics Engineering Department
  •             HOD Electronics & Communication Engineering Department
  •             HOD Computer Science & Engineering Department
  •             HOD IT Department
  •             HOD First Year Engineering Department
  • Registrar
  • Librarian
  • Director, Physical Education
  1. Steps to decide strategic plan

Through the suggestions, needs arisen requiring overall development and also as our own approach, the strategic plans are being shaped.

Receiving of suggestions in all aspects over enhance of quality, additional requirements of infrastructure, research activities and like.

  1. Consideration of its validity
  2. Summarization,
  3. Placement before the various concern boards for acceptance with its financial and administrative implications to have proactive interactions for better formation of policies relates to all above aspects.
  4. Further actions for its effective implementations,
  5. Monitoring its results,
  6. Feedback
  7. Communication to the suggesting stakeholders.
  1. List of Strategy:
  1. Advertisements
  2. Admissions
  3. Financial planning
  4. Academic runs-on
  5. Performances
  6. Staff welfare
  7. Research activity
  8. Placements

Details of Admission Strategy implemented successfully based on the strategic plan:

Most students are acquired during the FE admissions Process. This is a core competency of institute and is achieved through the listen and learns mechanisms by ensuring that the admission process is smooth, timely and transparent. By providing a Help Desk, FAQ and updated information, the Institute commands respect of the prospective students.

The institute has implemented strategic plan to make good advertising of the institute and enhance student’s admission count.

  • To visit nearby junior college to give information about institute and admission process.
  • To deliver seminars to students.
  • Conduct CET mock test at college.
  • Provide updated information brochures to students and parents.
  • Make aware about college facilities and services.