Initiatives taken in a.y. 2017-18

1  Initiative: - R&D

Objective: - To promote faculty to do research by attending the conferences

ATR : Incubation  Center  and  Center  of  excellence  as a facility to do research is  ready

Review: - Faculties  attended  the conferences and presented the papers .Also  faculty published research papers. 

Reform: - Faculties have to encourage to do research papers and  publish  in well known Journals having high impact factor .

  1. Initiative: - MoU with Intellectual Property Rights

            Objective: - To Understand how  to write patents ,copy right etc for Intellectual Property Rights

ATR: - MoU with MYCrave  consultancy  services ,Gujarat 

Review: - faculty no understand the Intellectual Property Rights  and how to write patents ,copy right etc

Reform: -  workshops of Intellectual Property Rights  organized for students and  faculty.

  1. Initiative: - - MoU with Samruddhi foundation TBI 

Objective: -To  make incubation center and find  agencies for placements  .

ATR: - Workshop organized for students under STBI to give the information about innovative  ideas.

Review: - students  attended

Reform: - The students attended and got the knowledge   about the innovative  ideas and  placements.