Professional Ethical Values - We view our organization as an integral part of society. We are committed to being a responsible organization, both locally and globally, by building a caring organization and contributing to the community .

  1. Honesty and Integrity - We perform our duties with honesty, dedication and respect for confidentiality. We value loyalty, trustworthiness and openness as essential personal attributes in our education culture.

  2. Excellence - We employ and educate smart and creative people to do great things. We give them the resources to investigate, the freedom to experiment and the encouragement to excel.

  3. Commitment - We are committed to promoting a healthy and sage work environment for our students, employees and the community. We take responsibility for our personal safety and accountability for the safety of others. We also take concrete steps to ensure environmental sustainability.

  4. Strong Industry Interactions- Aims for a strong industry connect through domain expertise and best-practices sharing, training of the faculty and students, consultancy activities, joint publication and industry based research projects.

  5. Innovation - We encourage the use of creative and innovative solutions to solve key industry challenges and encourage a life-long focus on learning and continuous improvement.

Gender Policy -

  1. Equal treatment to all the male and female employees and students in the college.

  2. To maintain 33% female recruitment policy in the college.

  3. No compromise in security issues in the college.

  4. To secure the campus by using a reputed security agency and CCTV surveillance everywhere.

  5. To provide all the essential facilities like common rooms, medical facilities, etc.