From year 1998-99 testing and consultancy work has been carried out by Civil Engineering Department. Under the testing and consultancy work department testing different building materials like cement, sand, steel etc and also Department is conducting consultancy such as third party audit of different civil engineering works, design and checking of RCC design etc. From the academic year 2013-14, testing and consultancy work has been carried out by Mechanical Engineering Department. Under the testing and consultancy work, vibrational analysis of different components with the help of FFT Analyzer has been carried out. Initially revenue generated by Civil department was annually Rs.30 to 35 thousand and now it is upto Rs.6 to 7 lakh. At the initial stage, per year, revenue generated by Mechanical department was around Rs. 5000/- and now it is around Rs. 10000/-. Institute purchased various equipments in lab for consultancy and testing of worth Rs. 6 Lacs.

Constitution of committee:

Institute constituted committee for mobilisation of funds and utilisation of resources from year 1998-99 to set some policies to improve funds by using institute resources.

Committee is constituted with following members:

  • Principal as Chairperson
  • HoD of all departments as Member
  • Registrar as Member
  • Accountant as Member Secretary

This committee conducts one meeting at start of every semester.

Minutes of meeting of committee

General agenda of meeting:

  1. How to set policies for mobilisation of funds from consultancy and testing.
  2. To improve consultancy work to generate revenue.
  3. How to use resources of institute for fund generation.
  4. How to utilize fund for development of labs in institute.

General minutes of meeting:

Following point discussed in meeting:

  1. Some percentage of funds generated from consultancy is given to institute and some percentage to faculty.
  2. Department should actively participate to improve consultancy work of respective department.
  3. Department can use resources of department and institute to provide consultancy services to clients.
  4. Department can use part of funds for development of laboratories in department to purchase some equipments for consultancy and testing work.
  5. Initially the distribution of revenue was 60% to the college and 40% to the faculty. Now it is 50% each.

Utilisation of resources for testing and consultancy work:

  • For testing of different materials, laboratory such as concrete laboratory, Geotechnical laboratory, transportation laboratory etc and different instruments like Universal Testing machine, Compression testing machine etc are used.
  • For consultancy work like RCC design and its checking different software’s like STADD-Pro, E tabs are used.
  • For onsite structural audit Digital Rebound Hammer is used.
  • Human resources like faculty and technical assistant are assisted to carry-out consultancy work.
  • Also department carries on field survey by the use of different survey instruments.

Utilisation of Fund:

Department purchased some equipments for development of laboratories and for consultancy and testing work.