Circular and Notices

Date Subject For
18/12/2017   Caste Validity not submitted list FE & DSE AY 2017-18 All FE & DSE Students
07/08/2017   Exam form Schedule All UG Students
01/08/2017   Bank Account-Aadhaar Linkage Application Form Student
27/07/2017   I.I.I. Cell Click Here Final Year Student
05/07/2017   Notice regarding scholarship All Students
06/06/2017   Notice regarding higher class admission 2017-18 All UG Students
20/02/2017   M.E. Exam form Notice-I ME Students
20/02/2017   M.E. Exam form Notice-II ME Students
14/02/2017   Regarding exam form May 2017 All UG Students
09/12/2016   M.E. Exam Final Program All ME Students
09/12/2016   M.E. FINAL PROGRAMME DEC 2016 All ME Students
09/12/2016   EBC scholarship date extend notice All UG Students
03/12/2016   Scholarship notice . All students
23/11/2016   Academic Year 2016-17 SEM -II notice All UG students
14/10/2016   Programme of M. E. I, II Semester, Examination to be held in December-2016 All ME Student
14/10/2016   M.E.Exam Notice Dec.2016 All ME Student
18/07/2016   Regarding April-May 2016 Result All SE, TE, BE Student
11/07/2016   Notice Regarding Fee Revision All UG Students
25/3/2016   Regarding Fee for 1st Year All First Year Students
25/02/2016 Regarding ME (PG) Exam Related All PG Students only
23/11/2015 EBC 2014-15 Notice All Students
05/10/2015 Scholarship Renewal Notice-2015-16 All UG Students
24/09/2015 Scholarship Notice All Students
23/09/2015 Regarding Fee Dues All Students
15/09/2015 Pending Document List For F E Students
08/09/2015 DSE Students Pending Doc List For Direct Second Year Students
25/08/2015 Yuva Mahotsav All Students
05/08/2015 Board of student election program sthagitibabata ....... All Students
15/05/2015 Higher Class Admission 2015-16 All Students
12/05/2015 Adhar Card Notice All Students
05/03/2015 Regarding UID registration All Students
05/03/2015 Update student information on college portal All Students
25/02/2015 Regarding Caste Validity Certificate All Students
29/12/2014 Regarding Fee Dues All Students
29/12/2014 "Schedule of Co-curricular and Extra Curricular Activity " All Students
15/12/2014 Starting of SEM-II All Students
10/12/2014 Regarding NSS Camp All NSS Students
19/11/2014 EBC NOTICE 2014-2015 All Students
19/11/2014 PST AND SST NOTICE 2014-2015 All Students
30/10/2014 Notice for EBC form Submission All Students
17/10/2014 Guidelines for Cast Validity (Information Brochure ) All Students
16/10/2014 2014-15 Pending Documents List All 1st Year Student
10/10/2014 Direct Second Year Original Documents Pending List -2014-15 For DSE Student
10/10/2014 Required document for all Scholarship and Freeship All student
29/09/2014 Regarding Gandhi Jayanti Celebraion All student
02/09/2014 Caste Validity Required Documents (Download and take Print Outs) All student
30/07/2014 Branch Change Vacancy Position-2014 All 2nd year student
28/07/2014 Branch Chnage for A. Y. 2014-15 All 2nd year student
09/07/2014 All Students Collect All Original Documents Original Documents
11/06/2014 Higher class Provisional Admission 2014-15 Higher Class Admissions 2014-15
23/05/2014 Regarding Registration for Provisional Admission Higher Class Admissions 2014-15
23/04/2014 FE & DSE Pending Documents List For the A Y 2013-14