College Logo


The logo of any organization depicts the nature of the organization, its working and its work culture. A logo speaks a lot about the organization.

The J. J. Magdum Trust is committed to providing quality education in the Western Maharashtra region. Under the trust there are 11 institutions educating thousands of students in different fields ranging from Medicine to Pharmacy to Engineering. It firmly believes that higher education is the most powerful way to elevating not only the living standard but also the cultural and moral values.

The logo shows a gear which is a symbol for the industrial development. Industrial development is the highway towards wealth and progress. All the prosperous and developed nations in the world today have a rich industrial culture. The gear is also suggestive of the study of the Mechanical Engineering which is the basis of the industrial revolution.

Within the gear there is a computer. The computer is a symbol of the proliferation of technology whose backbone is computer system. All of today’s highly automated systems which appear to work like magic are actually computer controlled. Thus the computer in the logo suggests that we are keeping pace with the most advanced technological development by incorporating electronic and computer science in our domain.

Above the gear there is a flying eagle. Eagles are considered as living symbols of power, freedom, and transcendence. Eagles are revered in India as the vehicle of Lord Vishnu. Eagle is a king of birds. In the logo the eagle stands for supremacy, dominance and reverence.